Element in the crown: Crushed gravel from railway yard


Scott Marsh is an artist usually associated with thought-provoking murals, addressing everything from environmental issues and same-sex-marriage, to the cult of celebrity. He is also becoming increasingly acclaimed for his fine art, particularly the interesting way he fuses traditional techniques and subject matter, with the spontaneity of raw graffiti.

“I was looking to work with an Australian artist and as soon as I met Scott, I knew he was the one,” says Christophe Hoppe, who founded Bausele in 2011. “Scott is such an inspiring person, and a nice guy. And I love what he’s doing as an artist.”

Limited edition of only 50 timepieces, featuring a King Protea motif design on the face, the case back is also etched with Marsh’s signature and the unique edition number.

“The watch tells my journey from graffiti to artist,” says Marsh. “I’m really happy with the result, it’s super-cool.”

Marsh says initially he tried painting directly onto the face. “It just didn’t work out, because of the thickness of the paint. So, we decided instead to use one of my original floral works as inspiration and create a high-resolution 3D print.”

LIMITED EDITION Scott Marsh Signature Watch | Rose Gold

  • BAUSELE, founded by Christophe Hoppe in 2011, is Australia's only premium watch brand for men and women.


    Offered exclusively in QLD through Mallee Bay Studio, Bausele combine state-of-the-art Swiss technology, Australian-made parts and a breath-taking design ethic. Bausele was recently named the official watch of both the Sydney Opera House and the Australian Army Intelligence Corp and each watch is sold with a 5 year warranty which can be activated at www.bausele.com

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