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Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Every now and again an order comes through that makes it worth all the office hours!

Last week Mallee Bay Studio was commissioned to prepare a brand new luxury holiday rental for market. Located beachfront on the picturesque Mele Bay, Port Vila Vanuatu, we jumped at the opportunity to work with local artisans, tradespeople and materials to achieve a fantastic result for the client.

The centrepiece of this job was the amazing locally sourced live outdoor table set. Featuring locally salvaged materials we ended up utilising two different timbers; Tamanu legs and bench seats with a solid Kwila slab top.

A single Tamanu rough hewn slab was enough to supply the timber for both legs and bench seats. The Kwila top is a common choice for outdoor furniture given the timber’s high natural oil content which helps it withstand the demands of Pacific weather. That said, in keeping with our low impact, sustainable approach to design, we found ourselves working with a VERY weathered (and cracked!) piece of salvaged timber.

A power surge saw the router de-commissioned within the first 15 minutes of use and so it was out with the hands tools. The live edges of the timber were planed back, bowties used to firm up the top and an epoxy mixed with mother-of-pearl finished the top. Working with such impressive pieces

of timber allowed for very strong checked joins, no bracing and entirely timber. A couple of coats of tung oil and we were done!

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